About us

Founded in Montreal, there are over 9 years, the brand of women's clothing Creations Blancie expresses the simplicity and naturalness while being inspired by urbanism. Made in Québec, the designer clothing line will fit the curve of your life and those of your body, thanks to a unique style that made its mark.

Exclusive and avant-garde, the collections, very feminine, are sold entirely in the boutiquecréationsblancie.com online store. Now, be the one that has the audacity to affirm the different facets of her personality and has the impudence to show them openly. In each of us is sleeping a femme fatale, a strong woman and a princess. Be the one who dares to be what she wants because Creations Blancie is more than a fad, it's a lifestyle.

Dare you?


Fashion creator Blancie Tétreault Drolet is a unique and full. Born in Haiti, having grown up in the Saguenay and lived in Montreal, those are simple and natural influences, but also urbanism, that animate her creative spirit. The fashion that Blancie proposes is that which will make you feel good, simply.

So Blancie imagines feminity footprints collections and audacity yet practical and timeless. Guided by the emotions of daily life, she makes clothes with passion that will embrace the curves of your life as well as those of your body.

Blancie will enlighten you, and in a personal way, in your desire to drape youre shyness or exuberance, elegance or ready-to-wear, cosmopolitanism or linearity.

Creations Blancie, this is the woman who dares full beauty..

My Philosophy

'' style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. ''

- Rachel Zoe